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Nekoweb is a free static website hosting service, created in 2022 2023 2024 by a group of coders, programmers and artists, passionate for the old web and personal websites.
Social media is too limiting. We believe that everyone should be able to freely express themselves in their own little corner of the web, without having to worry about things like algorithms, tracking, or advertisements.
Nekoweb is free of any advertisements, and is run completely by donations from its users.
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What makes nekoweb cool:

  • Amazing customization abilities
  • No limits for file types
  • FTP and Git support (donator features)
  • Ability to give access to other people to edit ur site
  • Pretty good file editor (prolly better than *eocities')
  • Non-strict Content Security Policy for free
  • Support for setting custom HTTP headers
  • Support for building your site with any static site generator or framework via NekoVM
  • Custom domains support
  • API for automation
  • Active development and moderation team
  • Free of ads and tracking
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • and cats

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hai, use form below or email to admin@nekoweb.org to contact us. or to get response even faster join our discord!