What is Nekoweb?

nekoweb.org is a free, static web hosting service. it's kinda cool i think

How hard is it to make a website?

its actually not as hard as you might think, most of our users are total newbies and they manage to make some cool stuff. there are a lot of tutorials on internet, and also we have a discord server where you can ask for help

How is this different from Neocities?

its pretty similar to Neocities. Few differences are:
- you can customize your site box
- no file type limits for free
- you can invite others to edit your site
- FTP instead of WebDAV
- Git support
- arguably better file editor: supports autocompletion, emmet, formatting and more
- ability to use NekoVM to build your site with any js static site generator or framework
- support for custom http headers
- cheaper donator perks: you can get a custom (sub)domain for $1/mo or up to 10 (sub)domains + all other perks for $3 vs $5 on Neocities
- cool centralized community on discord
- the fact that, well, it's not Neocities. good to have another alternative, right?

How do I switch from Neocities to Nekoweb?

2 clicks:
1. Export your site from Neocities: click on "Download entire site" at bottom of Neocities Dashboard or use Neocities downloader tool if it doesn't show for you

2. Import it to Nekoweb: click on "Import ZIP" button on Nekoweb Dashboard

How do I edit my site box on explore page?

You can edit elements.css file. It's located in your site's root directory

What are these cursors that I see on site?

These are cursors of other users! They can see yours too if you're logged in. you can use middle button click when ure close to cursor to go to their site

What's NekoVM?

NekoVM is a Linux emulator that has support for Node.js and NPM, with access to your site files (read and write!). It's running in your browser and you can use it to build your site with any static site generator or framework you want. You can access it by going to /terminal. You can see video of me building a demo Svelte app with it here.

How do I chat with other cursors?

Press Enter to open the chat box, and then type your message and press Enter again to send it. You need to be logged in to use the chat

How do I change my cursor?

Upload cursor.png in your site's root directory

What are limits for cursor.png?

Max 1KB and 12x17 pixels for free users or 5KB and 16x21 for donators

What are limits for elements.css?

Max 1KB for free users or 5KB for donators. Additionally donators can overflow their site box

Why my image is not loading in my site box?

make sure your image is less than 2MB

Why main page says 2022 2023 2024?

Nekoweb was supposed to launch in 2022, but then was frozen for a year, and then was supposed to launch in 2023, but then was frozen for another year, and now it's 2024 and it's finally here (launched on February 25, 2024)

How do I get rid of .html at end of my links?

You can enable 'nice links' option in your site settings, which will remove .html from all your files automatically, or create a folder with the same name as your page and create index.html inside with your page's content (/example.html -> /example/index.html)

Can I get rid of CORS errors?

Donators can set custom HTTP headers. You can set Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header to remove CORS errors.

Can I use PHP?

No, Nekoweb is a static web hosting, though we might get some dynamic things supported in future. you might be interested in the fact that Nekoweb supports all js static site builders and frameworks via NekoVM

I subscribed to tier but my account still says Free

Donator list is updated every hour, if it still says Free after an hour, please contact us

I subscribed to tier but want to change it

you can change your tier on Patreon and it should reflect within a hour, if not, please contact us

Are there file type limits?

there are currently no limits, just dont upload viruses please

What are these [+] things on the right from site names?

it's the follow button

Does Nekoweb have an API?


I don't have a domain but I want to host a second or more sites, is it possible?

yes, as donator you can also claim nekoweb subdomains

What is allowed to be hosted on Nekoweb?

Please review our Terms of Service.

My site is not appearing in Explore page

You need to update your site a few times to appear in the explore page

I updated my site but site preview didnt update

site previews update every minute, if it still didnt update then there's 2 possible reasons:
- your index page is too big (dont forget to optimize ur assets) and takes more than 15 seconds to load
- chromium instance i use for screenshots pooped itself and u have to try again until it works

I updated my site but its not updating on my page


How do I change formatter options?

We use Prettier for formatting. You can create/edit prettier.json file with options in the root folder. Additionally you can nest options in html, css or js object for them to be only applied to these specific types.

Does using Import button replace entire site?

No, it only replaces files with the same name

Do you do backups?

We backup all sites every 12 hours, though ofc we are not responsible for your data, and if somehow both main and backup server fail at the same time, we might lose your data (basically impossible but need to say it for legal reasons)

How can I contact you?

go to contact page or email us at admin@nekoweb.org

How do I report a site hosted on Nekoweb?

Please contact us at admin@nekoweb.org with the site's URL and the reason for reporting it. You can also use the contact page for a faster response.