You can donate to us and get certain perks. It's not free to host this site so please do!

Cute kitty tier

Perks: - 20GB of storage instead of 500MB
- 100,000 max files instead of 5,000
- 5KB for site box CSS instead of 1KB
- Ability to overflow your site box (do not abuse this)
- Ability to use FTP to manage your files
- Ability to set custom HTTP headers
- Access to Nekoweb's Git server (NekoGit)
- Twice as smaller rate limits
- 10 custom domains and ability to route them into different folders
- You can also claim subdomains of instead of custom domains
- Endless bandwidth
- Supporter Discord role

Cat tier

Perks: - 1 custom domain / additional subdomain
- Twice as smaller rate limits
- Supporter Discord role

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